Friday, July 14, 2023

Numerous mistakes on the biography of Leon Turrou published by Richard Bareford on findagrave

Around 2019, during my research on Leon Turrou, I contacted his descendants, including his grandson Bob. He had limited knowledge about his grandfather's biography and referred me to Richard Bareford and Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones.


The Nazi spy ring Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones
 Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones The Nazi spy ring in America


Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones is a historian and professor at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. At the time, he was finishing his book on Leon Turrou, titled "The Nazi Spy Ring." His work portrays Leon Turrou, an FBI agent in the 1930s, in a very (perhaps too) favorable light. Bertrand Patenaude wrote a critique of the book published in the WSJ.


Projet d'Erection d'une statue du General Pershing / Project to Erect a Statue of General Pershing


Affaire Seznec Leon G Turrou
Leon G Turrou