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The first article in the United-States about the Seznec Affair The New York Time June 26, 1923

 French seek American to clear up mystery

Police search for man whom missing Finistere Councillor left home to see

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Paris, June 25.-A search is being made by the Paris police for the mysterious American supposed to have been implicated in the disappearance of Pierre Quemeneur of the Council for the departement of Finistere. Quemeneur disappeared more than a month ago between home and Paris.

Quemeneur has stated before he left home that he was going to Paris to conduct business with an American. He made part of the journey by automobile but whether he ever reached Paris is uncertain. Some time after he was last seen, a telegram arrived in his name to his brother-in-law asking for money and 60.000 francs was telegraphed to the adresse given. This money was never collected and after some time an inquiry begun by relatives to discover his whereabouts.

A few days later a telegram was received from Havre, signed "Pierre" saying all was well, but there has been no further communication.

Quemeneur was a bachelor and lived with his sister, and his family cannot believe that this disappearance was voluntary. They suspect a crime and an active search is being made to ascertain by whom the telegram was sent from Havre and to establish the identity of the American with whom he had been doing business.

The possibility is suggested that Quemeneur himself has gone to America but this suggestion is not regarded as probable.


The New York Times June 26 1923 dissapreance of Quemeneur

The New York Times Article June 26, 1923 French Seek American to clear up mystery



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 Pierre Quemeneur